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Story of Saurabhi Shahi

A Life in Words

Saurabhi Shahi has always been passionate about writing. She describes herself as a curious Author who loves exploring different themes and motifs. She is an Author, Blogger and a Poet.

She was always a keen writer and used to write as a passion. This passion ignited to become an addiction and now spending a day without writing seems to be a sin to her.

It was after  a terrible ankle injury that compelled her to quit her job, she took up writing to keep herself busy and the doors for the writing world opened for her. She started writing on her website on any random topic that clicked her mind and and during the pandemic these doors flung wide open for her making her enter the world of Authorship through her first book "Punch Of Positivity."

She is a firm believer  of law of attraction and  believes in making all her dreams come true.

A life without a dream is without purpose. believe in your dreams and unlock all your dreams.

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