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Tea is more than what we see, It's not mere a beverage, The thought for it is beyond an average, It's not something hot we sip, Yes it is something deep, from where you get a tip. When tired and worn out, Or your heart tells you to shout, Sit down with a cup of tea, And then magic you see, It calms you down , And cheers you up like a clown. When you have nothing to do, A tea never bids you adieu, You sit down with your mug, And feel a warm hug. You sip slowly down your throat, And feel a swift sail of your boat, It's sweet in the taste, It reminds not to do things in a haste, It's important to sip it slowly, To enjoy it thoroughly, When you are in a hurry, It will add to your worry, It will burn your lips, So be cautious with your sips. Each sip has some gossips, Talk goes on and on with tea and some biscuits to dip. When you have a headache, All you need is a tea break, Brew your tea a little strong, It will keep you up for a long, If the tea tastes good, It uplifits your mood, If it tastes bad, Don't be sad, Sip it slowly hold it in your hands, Listen to some music of your favourite band, When friends are at your place, And you need to talk face to face, Sit with a cup tea, Listen to all the plea, When you want to be up whole night, And think of any situation that is tight, It's not required to prove yourself right, It's the tea that resolves all the fight, When you are happy and want to celebrate, Brew a tea, make it deliberate, When you are short of ideas, It ignites the Wikipedia, and the free encyclopedia, The tea you drink, And then you get some power to think. A tea gives you laughter in your sorrows, A strength in your weaknesses, A light in your nights, A smile in your fights, A tea is more than a cup of tea, I think you agree, you see, The power of a cup of tea, It has everything to deal, And has power to heal, Cheers to a cup of tea.🍵

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