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Let everyone be oneself please don't judge, even if you have a million grudge, please don't judge, Everyone has their struggle, they move in life and have many tasks to juggle. Let everyone shape their life according to their own choice, let them live it, cherish it and give it their voice. The life we get to live is only once, nobody knows, we are alive for how many months. The body we have is the divine gift of God, work on it and get rid of all the odds. Tie your life to the purpose, don't let it be a circus. Life is meant to be cheerful, so be very careful. We take our life for granted, keep doing things that you always wanted. The duration of life is not in our hand, it's our decision where we want to land. Live your life according to your will and feel free, if you don't like things, don't hesitate to move, as you are not a tree. People should listen just to understand, it's up to them to lend you a hand. Don't wait for life to be perfect, Make it good, you won't regret. Life is not a race, everyone has their own pace, Life is the long path undiscovered, take the steps that are well measured. Life gives us joys and sorrows, that no one ever borrows, The graph of life goes up and down, keep a smile on your face, be your clown. In nutshell, our life is a bunch of hope, It's you and only you who will cope.

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