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A man's heart is not always of a steel To know what's beneath you need it to peel When you peel you find layers one by one A man's heart is not always brave If you dig you find a cave It's sometimes dark within and he fails to find the way A man's heart also has some feelings Sometimes he can't find the ways of dealing All he needs is some healing A man's heart is not a concrete He should always not be discreet It's okay not always to show some feat A man's heart wants some relief A moment of rest and off the duty of chief Moment of calm to turn some new leaves A man's heart is held unjust Blamed, smashed and threatened with mistrust Imagine the level of disgust A man's heart wants some care But the moment is very rare He always deals with scare A man's heart is full of emotion It races fast and is always in motion It's busy to find all the solution Don't look his heart with disgrace Love is all he wants to embrace Be kind enough to give him some space A man's heart seems so strong This is where we go wrong It's not always a pleasant song A man's heart also seems harsh It deals with all kinds of trash In order to earn some cash A man's heart goes through a lot Did you ever wonder to give it a thought Imagine the number of battles he has fought A man's heart is a like a river It flows and changes course Without any remorse A man's heart is that of a gold It gets numerous folds Appreciate the value it holds A man's heart breaks and unite It goes on without a fright The gesture seems absolutely right Next time when you deal with a man's heart Consider it as your own part. A man's heart desires far more It's up to you to open the new doors What's inside the man's heart you can't measure Just give him some joy and some pleasure.

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