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When you call someone and say hello,

It's not necessary that person is your favourite fellow,

The talks can be short or long,

Sometimes really sweet like a song.

When the conversation is sweet and nice,

It feels soothing like a piece of ice,

Sometimes the calls are harsh ,

They leave you totally parched.

A call discusses everything,

It includes something to nothing,

It only shows the gesture,

And you can relate to the full picture.

Some calls are made only to judge,

Few calls also hold the grudge,

At times your are short of time,

You speak everything , though you mime.

Some people say I am just a call away,

Just listening to it makes your day,

You make a call and fight,

Make up later and holds you tight.

The calls have bridged the gap,

You can rap and get also get some clap,

The calls are video and also voice,

Come on everyone make some noise.

The calls have made people really close,

But only those whom we actually choose,

If you like the person who calls,

You cross all the boundaries and all the walls.

The one who does not wants to connect,

You can easily hang- up and disconnect.

Some calls are made to take some advice,

You feel good that you are so wise.

Some calls are from whom you want to block,

When they call you just stare the clock,

The seconds seems huge,

It really blows your fuse.

Some people call and discuss only their worry,

Be blunt to say them an open sorry,

They dump all on you as you are a bin,

Don't take their trash it's a big sin.

Some calls are made to you only when they are in their leisure,

Such calls does not gives you the feel and the pleasure,

Such calls are not really just,

To take such calls do not adjust.

Some calls are made to check on you,

How you are doing? such calls are few,

Some call brings you the joy,

sharing the news it's a girl or a boy.

Calls are personal and also some are official,

Some really close and some totally superficial,

A call makes your day and also spoils,

It depends you stay calm or your anger boils.

Some calls are highly frustrating,

When you are tired of them waiting,

A call is a sign of hope,

Sometimes it's also dangerous like a dope.

Some calls are made to entertain,

But it adds up to the pain ,

Some calls are just a formality,

Don't feel bad it's the reality.

Some calls adds up the grace,

When you see their lovely face,

When a call is from the family,

You entertain it happily.

When it's from a friend,

The conversation never ends,

When it's from the boss,

The mind goes for a toss.

The call discusses only your target,

You pick the call and later regret,

When it's from your mentor,

You only explore areas you want to conquer.

When the call is form the relative,

You become really selective,

When the call is from the school,

You loose all the cool.

When it's from your teacher,

It mentions you are "what a creature".

When the call is from your parent,

The love is highly apparent.

Call adds joys, sorrows and fears,

From all the life spheres,

Calls have so much to reflect,

Who cares for you and who neglects.

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