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From getting up early, to sleeping late at night, don't stress so much, everything will be fine. You set an alarm, and to try to be calm, take it one by one, all task will be done. The tasks are many, morning till night, it will be easy, if you do it with delight. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, when cooked with an ease, food is something, always good to please. It gives me a pleasure, and is a big treasure, don't stress so much, everything will be fine. Doing all the chores, never makes me bore, do it without a frown, it's the new thing in the town. When it comes to study, treat the child like a buddy, the work will be done, if you add some fun. There is no need to worry, and do everything in a hurry, take your time, everything will be fine. You don't fit in the dress, and it brings the stress, don't worry so much, just skip what you munch. Looking for perfection, is your personal selection, its your introspection, focus on affection. Sit quite for some time, it's always not about the dime, enjoy the wind,the music of the chime, treat yourself good ,life is so prime. Life is not about running, don't you be cunning, it's all about a pause, that we all should applause, don't worry so much, everything will be fine. When you get tired, and think to retire, it's always not your fault, take same halt, there is so much juggling, throughout you are struggling, don't stress so much, everything will be fine. What you feel ,you say, keep stress at the bay, brew some coffee, serve it in a tray, and let some music play. Everything is not ,one's cup of tea, it's all upto you ,to see, Set yourself free, you are not a tree, don't stress so much, everything will be fine. Just tie yourself to a goal, one that is close to your soul, go on with your pace, see every thing falling in it's place, Don't stress so much, everything will be fine. Stress is of no use it just blows your fuse. it all in the mind, lets all remind, don't stress so much, go outside and dine, Sometimes with a glass of wine🍷 Everything will be fine, don't stress so much everything will be fine. Just fine Just fine.

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