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Good vs Bad

When a bone is injured, it is refered a fracture. When a fracture occurs, we tie a part of it that we call plaster. Like that part with the plaster, we keep it together even after knowing that this broken part is of no use to us at the moment. Just like this factor, our relationship with some people is like this.Even if we do not want to, we have to keep those people with you, knowing that this relationship or this relation is not of any use to us. Those people tell you about your mistakes and do not see how wrong they or their behavior is towards you. Isn't it silly! these people only remember you when there is some work. Speak sweet words in front of you and spew venom behind your back. But this is the tradition of the world. The donkey also has to be made a father if needed.

It is said that a spear is good and a bad spear is bad. This world is a mirror, as you do, so does the front. But this does not prove right everywhere. Sometimes our good deed prick others Not because we are wrong but because our method is different. The karma has its own pace,everyone has to pay for it in this birth itself. People immersed in selfishness become so blind that they do not see the suffering of others. Such people are always troubled themselves, and do not let others stay in peace. In such a situation, what is the option? Evil can only be defeated by good. You have to pledge to remain on goodness. What is seen by the world is not necessarily true, some of your actions should be such that you are the only witness to you and God. Perhaps this is why it is said to do righteousness in the river, do righteousness and forget it. Just as a broken bone is fixed by plaster and that useless looking part heals back and starts working again completely, just like that keeping good with bad people will change their heart, if not today, tomorrow. And that person will also start behaving well with us. Therefore, always remember that good prevails over evil. After all, one day we all have to leave the world. After leaving this world people remember you, only because of your actions. That's why keep the cycle of your actions right. What goes around comes around. God might forgive us but karma slaps on the face so just take care not to hurt anyone,and not necessarily every fracture is healed, sometimes the fracture worsens and gives life long pain n agony.

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