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Marriage is a beautiful union, Of a man and a woman, A promise to be lovers, And love each other forever. A promise to be a friend, Till your life ends, Marriage fills life with passion, With infinite compassion. Marriage turns me into we, It's the magic you see, It feels like a bliss, If you don't have conflicts. You quarrel and fight, And also smile with delight, In marriage, you are a traveller, For travel, you have a partner. A marriage needs lots of appreciation, Over the years with proper reciprocation, A mutual sense of values is must, Do remember to put in your trust. You have a companion for life, It's a husband or a wife, Marriage is a pack of surprise, If you manage well it's a paradise. Marriage feels as hell, If you don't adjust well, In marriage, if you cheat, It's a big defeat. It's a give and take, And the efforts both make, It's not a one way, It's a game both have to play. Over the years you fall in love, In due course, your love evolves, For others it's a mystery, If partners have good chemistry. To celebrate marriage you feast or fast This bond of love should forever last.

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