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I had many things to do in the lockdown

Everything was still and locked in the town

Things looked different, difficult and unfair

During this time I had a secret affair

Shh..shhh it was about me I had to hide

It so that people could not see

It was a big surprise to me

It had to be prioritized by me

I woke up early and slept late

This affair was going to make my fate

I stole time for my new affair

In all the chaos and despair

I often escaped from the living room

Was thinking about it even when cleaning with a broom

The love was getting intense

And was making all the sense

I was having an affair in the lockdown

But there was no fear of being looked down

The world seemed as a big circus

And everywhere was only ruckus

I thought of playing as a clown

In my own circus without a frown

I was happy in this secret affair

Yes, an affair, though I was married

And amidst all the responsibilities I carried

This affair I had with myself

This affair won my trust

And was my only lust

I found myself when finding time was tough

Things were handled flawlessly and were not at all rough.

I loved this secret affair as I fell for myself

This never seemed unfair so I continued my secret affair.

I kept going on and held it totally fair this was my affair ,my affair,

Though secret it was totally fair.❤️❤️

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