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My shoes

Once a prized possession And my greatest obsession It's lying in the shoe rack It's clean dry and well packed I used it earlier for walks and run Life was normal and was full of fun Now since the lockdown Everything is locked in the town I see similarities with my shoe It's clean dry and well packed I am also at home totally trapped We have connection staying indoors It's not lying anymore on the floor I have a great collection to match all my outfits I am trying to be at home and totally fit I walked so much with this companion My shoe was a true friend in my opinion It helped me walk and run It Was always with me in all the fun Now it's inside with me at my home Both of us are in the comfort zone I take it out and catch it's sight It's great and really a delight I look at it and it looks at me Soon together we will be It will slip into my feet When the virus gets a defeat That day will be grand And again my shoes will be in demand.

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