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The new year, is a time for resolution, Resolution in itself is a solution. The year comes and goes, But this time you are ready to show. The list is simple but long, Later you refuse and say to you it does not belong? The resolutions are for you to renew, And you are among the few. You are serious for a day or two, You turn into a poor chap, what more can you do? It's you who created a bucket list, In which you no longer fit. You took the challenge, And it's tough now to manage. The resolution is for one year, That's your biggest fear. You don't want to put in the feats, But you don't want to face defeat. If you want a good life, You have to be nice. If you want to be fit, Strike a gym and never quit. If you want to transform, Think as, you are newly born. Take the life in your charge, Look at your life at large. The resolution is your plan, Don't stop and put the ban. The resolution is for you to evolve, For all anxieties and worries to dissolve. The resolution has the power to change, There is nothing to frown it's not strange. Resolution is indeed a solution, For the body and mind pollution. It's a journey of one year to go, If you do well, you have many rewards to show. Don't take your resolutions light, It has got the power to make you shine bright.

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