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Teachers are canvas, students are paint, They paint the picture that never faint, Right from sitting in circles and standing in line, They teach us everything, and assure us everything will be fine. The board they use is black or white, They show us the path that's always right, They teach us, how to hold on to our dreams, It's done with full zeal sometimes with the screams. The teachers are loving sometimes strict, They are right about us to predict, There is lots of love,care and scolding, But they always kept us holding, The teacher knows our potential, It results in our growth that is exponential. They know wat a student can do, And drives us on that path without adieu, They stand with us as a support, Be it in exams or the report. When the project seems boring, And students are snoring, They ignite the interest, With all their trust. They always motivate, And see what all they can cultivate, May it be any stream, They bring us close to our dream. When we loose hope and break, They give us the power to make, They also put the required brake, It's all for our sake. From the beginning to the end, They treat us like a friend, They experiment with us a lot, With all thats there in their thoughts. They ask us to beleive in ourself, And discover one's owns self, It happens sometimes we shatter, But they solve it with a chatter. The teachers are like parent, Their effects are never deterrent, They guide us right, Sometimes they are tight. When we grow up we discover, They acted like a cover, From all the adversity, Even when we are in the varsity. Right from school to the college, The teachers remained cool and gave us knowledge, Today is not only the day to acknowledge. Their efforts made us the total package. It's time to show the gratitude, Who and where are you, without any attitude, Thank your teachers from our heart, For all you taught us through your art. Thankyou teachers for your guidance, You are the reason behind my excellence, The pictures painted by you are really bright, We are ready to face the world without any fright. You give us wings to fly, to soar high up in the sky. Happy Teachers Day 💐 "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops"-Henry Adams

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